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With the cost of higher education continuing to rise unabated, I'm sure you'll agree that students and their parents need to find ways of reducing out-of-pocket expenses. One of the easiest solutions to this problem exists in the area of textbook purchasing and buyback.

As a member of our faculty, you play a crucial role in keeping down the costs our students incur when buying course materials and increasing their chances of being able to recoup a greater part of this investment.

To that end, I have included the following suggestions that can help reduce your students' out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Get your textbook orders in by October 5, 2015 (Spring 2015) - this helps us plan our buy back quantities better, ultimately returning more money to your students. In addition, this helps us ensure we have sufficient used texts, saving students an average of 25% over the cost of new books.

  • Don't require new editions that have only minimal changes - if previous editions are still usable, they can be purchased as used texts.

  • Avoid customized texts - often, these texts can't be bought back and are rarely recycled.

  • Avoid texts bundled with additional materials, such as CD-ROMs, etc. - this forces students to purchase new texts at premium prices, even though bundled materials often go unused.

  • Avoid requiring texts in which only one or a few chapters are needed - this means fewer texts to buy for a particular course.

As you can see, you can in fact make a positive difference in your students' ongoing battle to balance academic achievement and financial viability.

To submit your textbook adoptions, please visit our Faculty Requisitions Site now.